AlignCRM provides valuable insights and a comprehensive suite of billing, executive, and sales features to improve the management of healthcare laboratories.

Acquire and retain critical medical provider business

AlignCRM offers executives and sales teams a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their business in a manner that will keep them competitive in today’s fast-paced, highly regulated and complex clinical lab environment. Our AlignCRM product enables lab leaders to have real-time insight into their lab’s performance, pay accurate commissions, get medical provider customers up and running as fast as possible, and address complex billing issues quickly and accurately, all from one portal that is integrated with the other key pieces of the lab business.


Gain insight into your sales performance

AlignCRM offers executives a comprehensive suite of tools, such as executive reporting, business activity reports, sales user management, and account geo-location, to give them valuable insight into their sales performance.

Ensure accurate billing

AlignCRM makes it easier to ensure accurate billing and address complex billing issues quickly and accurately by providing access to all accessioning and order notes, providing access to patient results and medical provider notes, and integrating with billing systems for reporting and validation.


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